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Feng Shui Consultation
A feng shui consultation in your house or office helps you manifest your dreams. Your environment has a direct impact on your health, wealth, family life and relationships. By implementing practical feng shui principles, you will gain an enhanced awareness of your surroundings and their effect on your life. The result is a more harmonious environment which better supports your life.

Space Clearing
Space clearing is a process that cleanses and balances the energy in your house or office. It dramatically enhances the results of a feng shui consultation, which, when performed together, produce powerful results.

"Several year ago, Trente conducted a space clearing at my home. My intentions were many, but mainly centered around the healing/moving on from a broken dating relationship and the recent death of my brother. I did not know what to expect with the space clearing, but came away with a greater sense of peace and calm in my life. My sense of peace and calmness continues today as I have recently entered a new chapter of my life, marriage. The purpose and meaning behind the essential oils and candles chosen by Trente for the space clearing are very special scents that I continue to purchase and use in my home today. I am grateful for Trente's in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui, her caring attitude and her inspiring spirit!"

Laura Brown, July 2005

Earth Acupuncture
Earth acupuncture, or clearing the land, is a process used to clear geopathic stress lines. Geopathic stresses are the vibrations in the earth which can be distorted by electromagnetic fields created by subterranean water, certain mineral
deposits, fault lines, or a moving underground plateau or cavity. Your health and the energy of your environment can be affected when your house or office lies on a geopathic stress line or lines.

Workshops and Seminar
Trente is available to create and deliver workshops and seminars designed for your specific needs. Examples of topics include:

Feng Shui 101: The Basics
Clearing Your Clutter Can Change Your Life
Increase Prosperity with Feng Shui
Attract and Strengthen Relationships with Feng Shui
Feng Shui for the Garden

Please contact Trente to develop a workshop specific to your needs.

Examples of Work:
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Clutter clogs energy! The goal of this feng shui consultation was to declutter and organize this office in order to increase productivity and profitability. Trente purchased new filing cabinets and helped the client set up a more efficient system, saving him time and energy. A wine rack provided excellent storage space for his many blueprints. From a feng shui prospective, a view of the door while at work is important; therefore, the computer was placed in a friendlier position in the office. Finally, healthy plants were placed in the wealth corners of both the office and the client’s desk to help his abundance grow.

The client’s bathroom is located in the wealth/abundance corner of the house. This position is undesirable from a feng shui prospective, because it connotes flushing away one’s wealth. Trente added several substantial plants to combat the downward energy. A selection of artwork with floral themes, candles, and soaps creates a lush and luxurious environment and helps to increase the client’s prosperity.