Local Consultations
  • At a preappointed time, Trente will come to your house or office.
  • Together, you and Trente will walk through your space to discuss your intentions and goals.
  • Based upon your conversations, Trente will return to the office and create a design plan for your space, including: a color scheme, fabrics, furniture and furniture arrangements, floor coverings, lighting and any other necessary components for the plan.
  • The second meeting is the presentation of the design plan.
  • Once approved, Trente orders and oversees the delivery of the products.
  • During the installation, accessories and art work will be placed to give the space a completed look.

When the project involves new construction, Trente works with the client and the architect to develop the floor plan, in addition to the design steps outlined above.

Long Distance Consultations
If you do not live in the area, Trente can still work with you.

  • She will travel to the site for the initial consultation.
  • Frequently, a client will enjoy a trip to Atlanta to be involved in the selection of products.
  • When the presentation of the design plan is approved, Trente orders and oversees deliveries.
  • She will again travel to the job site for the installation.